DTLR, "Dreamer" (2002)
A director by the name of Phenomenon had done a few commercials for DTLR, but each time, the chain's marketing director would have me make further edits after Phenom was done with it. For "Dreamer," they cut out the middle-man and just had me do the edit from giddy-up.
There was supposed to be an Staten Island MC rhyming over this instrumental, but that fell through. Cool; the TV ad works better without vocals. DC's Cy Young ended up doing the rhymes for the campaign's radio ads.
I couldn't remember where I knew the female lead from until the middle of an interview with her for this ad's "making of" video. I'd met her at WMUC when she did Peter Rosenberg's show there. That night, she was at the station promoting her appearance in Playboy's "Girls of the ACC" edition. Small world!